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Tower Roasters

Block A - Guatemalan Roast

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Region Cubulco - Guatemala
Producer Las Anonas, La Esperanza
Variety Catuai, Bourbon, Sarchimor
Elevation 1,600-1,800 meters
Roast City +
Flavor Notes Milk Chocolate, Citrus, Hazelnut

This is the roast that started it all. Named after the original land plot that the water tower was built on, this roast is 100% organic Guatemalan beans.  Block A was generously donated to the village in 1892 to build a water tower and a park.  Similarly, this roast is generous in flavor and is great drip, pour over or cold brew - this is the staple of Tower Roasters. 

Every roast is roasted to order.

Each bag is 12oz.  Contact for larger quantities.